A Little Coniferous Mischief on Congress Street

Yesterday, a man dressed as a tree, with evergreen branches tied tightly around his body, held up traffic on Congress Street, Portland’s busiest thoroughfare, until the cops showed up, escorted him onto the sidewalk and promptly arrested him. This guy’s a hero. Just watch the video: Police have arrested a man dressed as tree for […]

Dear Trump nation, read the goddamned Bill of Rights

Dear Trump nation, The first amendment prevents our GOVERNMENT from passing laws abridging your freedom of speech. You can say horrible, racist, misogynistic things that violate any reasonable sense of decency or civility. You can call me “a whiny, snot nosed, self centered little bitch,” refer to me as “my little pony boy” and inform […]

Three inspiring, timely responses to sexual assault

We need to talk about sexual assault. It’s easy to fixate on the allegations against major public figures like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.  It’s much harder to talk about the sexual assault that happens in our own communities.  For too long, such conversations have been hushed.  It’s time to stop ignoring it. The good news […]

Watch out! Trump is just the new politics of distraction

With Hilary Clinton soaring out of the Democratic National Convention and the leaders of his own party deserting him in droves, including Maine’s Susan Collins, every day Donald Trump’s odds of becoming the next President of the United States are dwindling. On Tuesday, The Washington Post practically eulogized his campaign, asserting that “there’s only one […]

Whatever happened to decency?

Public discourse in America has become awful. It’s not just Trump.  Or LePage.  Or Lewiston Mayor Bob MacDonald. It’s countless people, mostly men, using social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to troll and mansplain the events of the day, desperate to be heard above the rushing powerlessness of modern life. This is the […]