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Rob is a software engineer, community organizer, teacher and musician. He can often be found at Peloton Labs, staring at his laptop, drafting diatribes and programming software late into the night.

When does recovery begin?

Imagine that a person is caught in a horrific fire that leaves them with third degree burns all over much of their body. An ambulance brings them to the ER, where surgeons perform multiple excruciating skin grafts. Then they’re onto the ICU, where they spend a week coming in and out of consciousness, hooked intravenously […]

Here’s what Bruce Poliquin doesn’t seem to get

Yesterday, Congressman Bruce Poliquin launched his first television attack ad against Jared Golden, his opponent. As the ad fades in, you hear a typical doom-and-gloom voice speaking over a video of Golden jogging in a US Marine Corps t-shirt, questioning “Who is the Jared Golden behind this t-shirt?” Never mind the absurdity of a Wall […]

It’s time to pop the Mark Eves bubble

At first glance, former Speaker of the House Mark Eves might just be the complete opposite of our current Governor. Paul LePage has always been a geyser of bile and bluster. He says racist things, sexist things, anti-immigrant things. He’s cut thousands of low income workers off of their healthcare. He’s insulted public school teachers, […]

Janet Mills – Hero or Hopeless?

According to a BDN poll published a few weeks ago, Attorney General Janet Mills is currently enjoying a broad lead in the Democratic Primary for Governor. To be clear, nothing’s set in stone. Voters change their minds all the time, and no poll is perfectly accurate. Plus there’s now Ranked Choice Voting, so even if […]

Dear Mr. and Ms. “Blame on ALL Sides”

  Dear Mr. and Ms. “Blame on ALL Sides”, I know this whole week has been exhausting. It’s been exhausting for me too. Everybody I know is tired. And I know you think you’re being totally reasonable. It’s complicated, you say, the important thing is that we remain on friendly terms with each other despite […]

Trump’s Week 26 Newsletter (Explained and Exposed)

Welcome to  “Explained and Exposed,”  a new series I’ll be writing every week, dissecting the truth behind the latest email newsletter that the Trump White House has sent out to its supporters. I encourage you to read the official Trump newsletters for yourself and come to your own conclusions. They’re all available for free public […]

Thank God Trump can’t ever have a 9/11 moment!

September 11, 2001 was my fifteenth birthday. I remember sitting there in B Block English when our class was interrupted by the news that an airplane had crashed into the World Trade Center. My classmates and I didn’t know what to make of it. Shaken, our teacher turned us back toward our discussion of “Macbeth.” […]