Who’s really to blame for the “overdose epidemic”?

By now, we’ve all heard the story. In 1995, Purdue Pharma came out with a new drug: OxyContin. A high-powered, long-lasting painkiller, the drug was almost miraculous – suddenly people who’d suffered for years with chronic pain could live a life without suffering. The Sackler family, who owned the company, had an amazing blockbuster of […]

Major victory for Maine recovery residences!

The Sanford Board of Appeals convened Wednesday night, November 13, for a hearing regarding a Violation Notice issued by Sanford Fire Marshal Patrick Cotter that would have required me, as the owner of a 10-bed men’s recovery residence on Boyd Street, to either make roughly $15k in unnecessary renovations to the home or evict almost […]

It’s time for Maine to legalize heroin

It seems like every day I log into Facebook and see another friend mourning the loss of somebody they love gone to an overdose. Usually the deceased is young, but not always. Often brilliant, compassionate, the sort of person who, if things had only played out differently, could have been a true source of creativity […]

Now that she’s in, will Mills actually deliver?

Janet Mills sure had a nice honeymoon this week. Matt Dunlap grandiosely swore her in. She got to fulfill every boomer liberal’s dream of singing on stage with one of the dudes from Peter, Paul and Mary. She enacted a major piece of legislation that the majority of Mainers had been demanding for years. All […]

Is drug use really a “health” problem?

You hear it a lot these days: We have to stop thinking of people struggling with drugs as “criminals,” recognize them for the “sick people” they are, and get them into treatment! To be clear, I agree. I’d much prefer to say that somebody struggling with drugs is “sick,” as opposed to “bad.” But, at the […]

Do you know the real reason Nike made the ad?

By now, we’ve all seen the ad that Nike put out this week featuring Colin Kaepernick, the activist football player who started the “take a knee” national anthem protest against police brutality. The ad depicts Kaepernick in black and white, looking calm, alert and determined. Across his face, written in white, authoritative lettering, are the […]

What’s the story with Maine’s CD2 Race?

As the battle to wrest control of our nation’s capitol from Donald Trump heats up across the country, more and more Americans are turning their gaze toward northern Maine. Some, including the New York Times, are even going so far as to call the race for Maine’s second congressional district the closest federal race in all […]