Dear Trump nation, read the goddamned Bill of Rights

Dear Trump nation,

The first amendment prevents our GOVERNMENT from passing laws abridging your freedom of speech.

You can say horrible, racist, misogynistic things that violate any reasonable sense of decency or civility.

You can call me “a whiny, snot nosed, self centered little bitch,” refer to me as “my little pony boy” and inform me that I’m a “jack wagon,” whatever that means.

Seriously, what does that mean?

You can tell me to shut up because, as a mother of three girls, you want me to know that “there’s nothing terrifying about teaching them how to handle advances, and how not to get knocked up in the first place.”

Because, you know, “good” girls never get assaulted or raped.

You can cover every available square inch of “public way” in our city with signs promoting a megalomaniacal sexual predator, tacitly endorsing his vicious plans to relocate five million peaceful men, women and children at gunpoint.

And you won’t go to jail.

The gestapo won’t show up at your house. The KGB won’t send you to gulag.

You’re safe.

And don’t worry.

You’ll continue to reap the material benefits of hundreds of years of imperialistic slavery and nonstop pillaging of the natural world.

The government won’t disturb your sheltered, entitled white life.

They won’t disturb mine either.

But, remember, the first amendment also protects my right as a private citizen to say that I wish you wouldn’t do those things.

It protects my right to challenge you, question you and do everything I can to hold you, and every other asshole in our society, as accountable as possible.

It protects my right to flip you the double birds.

So, go ahead, insult my masculinity, my maturity and my ability, or lack thereof, to jack wagons. But, please, read the goddamned Bill of Rights.

Sincerely yours,

Rob “Jack Wagon” Korobkin

Rob Korobkin

About Rob Korobkin

Rob is a software engineer, community organizer, teacher and musician. He can often be found at Peloton Labs, staring at his laptop, drafting diatribes and programming software late into the night.